14.09.2020 - New Blog post

How is the demand at the moment?

We are currently seeing a large amount of tenants looking for property within the Burton On Trent and Swadlincote areas and some of them are already pre-referenced and ready to go. Our great relationship with our tenants means that many of them stay with us as an agency for years even if they need to relocate or find a larger property. This is great news for landlords as it means that you can get trusted tenants with a proven payment record negating the hassle for anxiousness as to whether the tenants will pay.

How long will it take to let my property if I choose to market with you?

A large percentage of our rental properties have been let within one week of marketing and many tenants are looking to move immediately which means that you will have less void time before your rent will start coming in. 

But what about corona virus?

Although there have been several months of this year where tenants have been unable to move due to the corona virus crisis this now means that as lockdown eases we are seeing an increase in rental activity and high demand for properties locally.


04.09.2020 - New Blog post

The chancellors recent announcement on the 'stamp duty holiday' could benefit you!

Stamp duty is the tax that buyers must pay when purchasing a property and the amount depends on factors such as the price of the property as well as whether you are purchasing as an owner occupier or as a landlord. 

Back in July the chancellor made an announcement which changes the amount of stamp duty that buyers will pay on a temporary basis until the end of March 2021.

What if I am buying a property to live in?

If you intend to purchase a property to live in yourself you will benefit from 0% stamp duty tax on all purchases up to the purchase price of £500,000. For example if you are planning to buy a property worth £150,000, previous to this saving you would have had to pay out an extra £500 as a home mover whereas until the 31st March 2021 you will pay nothing. 

What if I am buying a property to rent out?

Although those looking to buy a second or non residential property will still have to pay stamp duty there are some cuts to this rate as well dependant on the property price. For example if you are planning to buy a property worth £150,000, previous to this saving you would have had to pay out £5000 extra in stamp duty whereas until the 31st of March you will pay £4500, a saving of £500. Although this amount does not seem like much, it can help with other costs associated with purchasing a property such as conveyancing. 


What if I am selling a property but not planning to buy anything else?

Although the stamp duty holiday will not directly benefit you the fact that buyers are saving will mean that they are more likely to pay your asking price and those who were looking to move soon may speed up their plans in order to take advantage. All of this may mean that you get a better price for your property alongside faster offers. 


20.08.2020 - New Blog Post

How To Switch The Management Of Your Property - Hassle Free

Our Quick Guide On Ensuring You Are Happy With Your Agent With Our 'Simple Switch Service'

Firstly! Check your notice period with your current agent.

Before you consider switching your letting agent you must first check your current agency agreement to ensure that you follow their procedures on giving notice that you will be switching. Once you are happy that you are going to be switching agents serve your current agent notice in writing and request that they confirm that this has been done. (It may be helpful to do this on a rent due date so that switching agents coincides with rental payments).

How to instruct a new agent (hopefully us) to take over your property management.

In order to take over the management of the property we will need to carry out money laundering checks on you as the landlord and obtain various documents relating to the tenancy. We have the facilities in place to simply obtain a few signatures from you in order to gain most of the necessary documentation from your previous managing agent. We will need you to sign a management agreement with us which will set out the terms and conditions of our management alongside any fees that may apply.

What next?

We will then aim to gain all relevant paperwork from your previous agent and take over the management ensuring that all compliance is adhered to including gas and electrical safety inspection certificates and deposit protection. Once all of this is complete you can sit back with peace of mind that we are taking care of your tenancies with our personal and professional service.


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